Bikini Body Mommy founder Briana Christine. What inspires you?

Some days you just need something to inspire you, and build you back up to the “you” that you are on your very best days. I don’t know if it was something in the weather, the overwhelming tasks I had at hand, that time of the month, the horrible cold I’ve been fighting for the past few days, or perhaps it is all of it combined, but I've been having one of those days.  I think we all know that energy is contagious ("Either you affect people or infect people"), so I wasn’t too far into my morning before I realized that I was beginning to spread my ickiness around to my poor family!

It was official, I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and in the dumps.  Luckily, by noon I'd turned things around and all it took was a 5-minute


"time-out," to revisit something that I found inspiring. Something that reminded me of the way both my head, and heart soar on my very best of days.   Enter…. “An Awesome Book!”  No, I’m not playing around and trying to keep you is suspense -- the book really IS titled “An Awesome Book!”  It is a children's picture book, written by Dallas Clayton. I initially bought it a few years ago as a great story to read to my kids, but its message is one that I feel gets lost in the day-to-day monotony of being an adult, and really resonates with me.The  story is all about having fantasticly BIG, POWERFUL DREAMS.  It is available to

read online

, but this is the passage that turned my day around...

"Yes there are places in the world

where people dream up dreams

So simply un-fantastical

And practical they seem...

Yes there are places in the world

where dreams are almost dead

So please my child

Do keep in mind

Before you go to bed ...

To dream a dream as big

As big could ever dream to be

Then dream a dream 10x as big

As that one dream you see

And once you’ve got that dream in mind

Please dream a million more

And not a million quiet dreams

A million dreams that roar!

A million dreams

So loud they scream

So loud they sing and shout!

So super huge

they say hey world!...

Guess what im dreaming bout?

I'm dreaming about everything

that no one thought to wonder

Dreams so big that

They've got dreams and

They've got dreams up under!

So please dream for those

Who've given up

For those who've never tried

Please use your dreams to make new dreams

For all the dreams

That died

Cause you're the one whose dreams can be

Whatever dreams you want

Whose dreams can change the way things are

And the way that things are not

And if they say that all your

Dreams are too big to come true,

You tell them that I told you...

That’s what dreams are meant to do!

They’re meant to make it seem as if

You don’t know up from down

Cause dreams are dreams

And that’s why dreams

Are worth having around!"

What I love about the story is its downright empowering message.  I love how it calms my soul, and reaffirms that that I am on the right path. That it IS okay to DREAM BIG, and go after “the IMPOSSIBLE.” That I have the power to manifest whatever greatness I want for my own life -- and YOU DO TOO.Whether you have a 100 pounds to lose,  dream of one day putting on a bikini -- and being free from all the negative body image and insecurities that currently weigh you down. Or maybe you work 9-5 at a dead-end job and dream of doing something more fulfilling and passion driven.  Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom and (as rewarding a job as it is) you feel you've lost your sense of self, and dream of re-kindling your own "spark."  Regardless of your present day situation or personal aspirations, you have the power to change.  It all begins with a DREAM. Think outside the box, don't be afraid to challenge yourself to be who you want to be.Anyway, I didn’t mean to get so cheezy on you all. Really this note is just as much for me as for all of you. But if anyone else out there is feeling at all like I did this morning….take deep breaths, quiet your head, and know deep within your heart that you have the power to change ANYTHING in your own life that you decide on. So…. let’s make it happen. I’m right there WITH YOU. xx  Blessings – B