Bikini Body Mommy 90 Day Challenge

SO EXCITING -- There are literally HUNDREDS of NEW Bikini Body Mommies starting the challenge TODAY!!!

If you're one of them, You can find all of the information you need to begin within the pages of my new book the Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint

I post all of the challenge workouts on FACEBOOK for FREE -- You can find the FIRST WORKOUT HERE:

Make sure you go back to the FB page to post your scores after your workout, so that I can follow your progress -- and also to help motivate and inspire all of the other women who are also starting the challenge WITH YOU!  

You Bikini Body Mommies will be workout accountability partners, pushing and motivating each other, which is an important support system to have! We all have to start somewhere -- so POSITIVE support, even if it comes from a total stranger -- is HUGE!As far as the Bikini Body Mommy nutrition side of things goes -- START SMALL! Besides the detailed nutrition plan in

MY BOOK, I also listed my TOP 5 Nutrition Tips in a blog post recently, that you can start implementing right away! This week I only want you to implement #1. It's easy, and will give you the most "bang for your (Transformation) buck!" Here's the link:

GOOD LUCK today Ladies ... I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WAIT to meet and connect with every single one of you -- So don't forget to post your scores! LETS GET THIS TRANSFORMATION STARTED.... xx-B