Christmas Holidays with Briana Christine

Well, here we are Bikini Body Mommies -- it’s December! The year is nearly behind us, and it's time to start thinking about what we want 2013 to bring, right?! Well, before you run off and start making your list of New Years' resolutions -- STOP.  I want you to go grab a cup of hot tea and a cozy blanket, and snuggle in! Being a Bikini Body Mommy is about BALANCE -- which is something I KNOW most of us mommies struggle with.  So this year, before all of the hectic holiday festivities and family commitments begin, I think it’s important that we take a short time-out to relax and reflect on the past year, and all that it has brought us. After all -- if January is the month of resolution, shouldn't December be the month of reflection? I think so.

As I sit in here in my jammies, snuggled up in my cozy blanket with a hot cup of “Swiss Apple tea” in hand (this sugar-free apple cider alternative, is a December staple for me!), I am reflective of all the changes that have happened in my own life this year.  It feels amazing to look back on 2012 and see more success than failure, and from the failure see lessons learned.  In fact, if there was a standard by which any given year could be judged, for me it would be looking back each December and being able to definitively say, "I am in a better place now than I was this time last year.”  I am thankful that this year, this is true for me.  As I look out my window to see the soft dusting of snow and twinkling lights in my neighborhood, it's tempting to start planning the coming year, and where I'd like to be this time in 2013.  But this year, I'm resisting.  Instead I'm going to take most of this last month of 2012 to live in the present, and enjoy the moment and place that I am in.

This also means taking the time to personally wish you and your loved ones, a very happy holiday season!  I am so grateful for your constant love and support of the workouts, nutrition advice, and other information I have been sending your way, and for helping to make Bikini Body Mommy the empowering positive platform for women that it is today.  I have personally connected with so many of you, and your individual stories this past month. Thank you so much for being both vulnerable and brave enough at the same time to share yourself with me.

Only a month into it’s launch,  there have been well over 100,000 of you ladies who have visited this blog, left comments, posted your daily progress on facebook, shared your family and daily life with me on instagram, emailed, tweeted, pinned my workouts, and spread your infectious happiness and motivation amongst the BIKINI BODY MOMMY COMMUNITY -- in turn motivating, helping, and inspiring countless others to do the same.  Even though this space is different from the "traditional" face-to-face personal training sphere that I am use to, words cannot express how much utter joy and LOVE goes into each and everyday of coaching, connecting, mentoring, inspiring, and communicating with every single one of you -- And how equally thankful I am that you are willing to communicate, connect, and inspire ME right back.The accumulation of all of the above, has made me so ridiculously happy that I took the tremendous leap of faith that was required at the beginning of this year, to leave everything known, comfortable, and familiar behind.  As many of you who know my story, might have guessed -- 2012 has been one of the hardest, yet most empowering years of my life.


  • Putting on a bikini 7 days after you give birth, is uncomfortable (some might argue INSANE).

  • Standing in front of the bright lights and scrupulous lens of a professional photographer week-after-week (often times without seeing much change) ... when you are personal trainer who is 100 pounds over weight -- is humiliating, humbling, and downright painful.


  • Publicly transforming my body, ultimately loosing 100 pounds, writing a book, and founding this company, has not been easy -- but nothing worth while ever is.

SO THANK YOU, Bikini Body Mommies.  Thank you for believing in me -- IN THIS BIKINI BODY MOMMY MOVEMENT, and for giving me the motivation and support I need to continuously re-charge and push beyond my own boundaries of what I believe I'm capable of creating, achieving, and delivering to you all -- YOU LADIES ROCK MY WORLD!

All my Love,