Make 2013 the year of YOU... Setting Goals & Being Brave!

Setting Goals Bikini Body Mommy

It’s a New Year -- so full of possibility! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday ...  Welcome to 2013!  There's something about a new year that makes me want to jump and scream for joy!  I love the expanse of a whole brand new year stretched out before me like a blank page just waiting to be written.  I love the idea that THIS year I can be brave enough to do all the things I've always wanted to do.

As a child, I loved the book, "Anne of Green Gables".  In the book, there's a line that says, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it".  Anne replies, "Well, there's no mistakes in it YET", which is a bit pessimistic.  But when you think about it, she's right--there are no mistakes in it yet!  The start of a new year is like that:  Endless possibilities with no mistakes made yet.


I’m typically not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions but I seem to have quite a lot I need to achieve in 2013 so some changes are definitely in order. I want you to follow my lead this year, and choose to be brave! The first step of this process is to figure out what you want for yourself.  If I learned anything last year during my 100 pound Bikini Body Mommy Transformation, it was how empowering it is to live your life with BRAVERY. Bravery is attained through the simple act of doing the work that is required to set and tackle your OWN goals. That means, if you want to lose 100 pounds before the end of 2013 -- then you know you need to lose 3 pounds a week to make your goal.  Do the work, prepare.  Figure out exactly what you need to do and eat everyday to hit your weekly goal. If you need to revamp your nutrition and exercise regime (or even implement one for the first time in your life), but have been afraid to do it because you're not sure where to start -- start somewhere. Now is not the time to stay afraid of what you don't know.  It's time to take the steps that are necessary to get what you want.


Bravery manifests its self when you commit to your goals and do the work. (tweetable)

Learn to love the grind, as I call it.  The grind is about committing to doing the work that needs to been done, be it large(losing 100 pounds) or small(losing 5 pounds), difficult(running a marathon) or simple(running for 1 minute without stopping). It's amazing how often we get messed up and overwhelmed by the simple act of not knowing what to do next. Here's an example from my own world:

  • I'm writing a book based off my 100 Pound Bikini Body Mommy Transformation.

  • I need to gather all of the information and materials from my nutrition and training program, compile them, write a book, launch a new social platform, blog, and build a community of dedicated followers who value what I have to say.

  • I don't know where to start.

Because of that, I haven't done the work. But finding out where to start is easy.  I can sort through all of my notes.  I can do a simple mind map of what I want to accomplish, I can Google the process. I can do anything. But because I haven't committed to the work, and put it down in a simple bullet list of action plan points, it's "invisible" to me and how to achieve the end product.

Even the simple an act of writing down somewhere “what I want” is a great first step to committing to the work.

And that’s what I want you to do.  I want you to commit, over and over again -- every day to doing the work this new year.


You will. There's no doubt that you'll fall down.  It happens! Every diet has that "holy crap, I just ate the entire bag of chips" moment. But guess what comes next?

You DON'T GIVE UP -- You find the bridge.

The fastest way to get back on your brave new path is to walk away from where you failed and walk back towards success. (tweetable)


Okay, well, that's a larger issue. If you've not yet committed to a personal vision, then it's difficult. And I know that's not always easy. What if you've been over weight for ten years? What if you have never worked out in your entire life? What if your big goal is much larger than something that can be achieved with just a few weeks of dedicated work? What if you can't even see your big goal?

Well, I said 2013 is about being brave, right?  Start there. What previous goal did you give up on? Where in your life do you still harbor regret for a moment that you chose the "safe" path? There's almost always meat in those places worth considering.

After that, ask yourself this: What would you attempt if you believed in yourself a lot more than you do today and knew you wouldn't fail? (tweetable)


I say this as often as I can: paper and pen are your secret super power when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Writing something down with your hands (I really have to stress that I don't mean "type something down") gives off a bigger feeling of bonding commitment than typing something out. And more so, writing gets you from "I don't know" to "oooh, maybe..." a lot faster than staring at a screen, drinking too much coffee, asking friends, tweeting, facebooking, etc.

Start with the pen. Start there and go back to it often.


Even back. Back is a direction. Brave just means that you're not stagnant. Sitting still, thinking, and over-analyzing to the point that nothing happens (and believe me ... if anyone has a history of falling prey to this behavior its ME.  I am the self-professed queen of “paralysis by analysis”).  It means you're going to do. Take action. Everyday -- big or small.  Forward, backwards, sideways... You’re going to commit to moving in some direction, EVERYDAY.

And if you want to get super duper brave, there are scads of wonderful women just like you who have joined the Bikini Body Mommy Community to work together on setting goals and taking action on them -- everyday. Join them! Or not. It’s up to you...


So let's hear it Bikini Body Mommies ... what are your Goals for 2013?  What are you scared of? ...I wanna know! :) xx,-B FAVOR TIME: If you loved this post and don't want to miss others just like it, please take 2 seconds to follow me over on BLOGLOVIN