Life Lately, According To My IPhone.

January 2013.

Although I didn't blog much in January due to the tragic loss of my father-in-law, I still managed to capture much of the month through photos.  In the spirit of reconnecting with you all, I hope that you enjoy them :)

On a more upbeat note, I have finished editing all of the remaining days to the BIKINI BODY MOMMY 90 DAY CHALLENGE.... so keep your eyes peeled for them this week!  And if you aren't participating yet -- get it going!  Thousands of women just like you are doing my 90 day challenge and transforming their own bodies and lives everyday in the process!  I promise you the support and encouragement that the Bikini Body Mommy community offers is nothing short of ah-mazing!

Lots of Love, Your Trainer -B

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(Bikini Body Mommy Cookbook Photography Credit: Ana Klizs)