Where the Heck Have I Been?!

Briana Christine Juggling Act Being a Mom

If you're a mom, you know life can feel like one big juggling act!  My life is NO EXCEPTION.

My latest blogging hiatus has been excruciating ... After several failed attempts, I decided that rather than trying to recount the last 6 weeks of massive achievements in one "Sorry, for abandoning YOU!" blog post, that I'd just give you the bottom line: After 12 months of pouring blood • sweat • and tears into achieving my 100 POUND BODY TRANSFORMATION and 18 total months of a countless number of 10pm–4am "all-nighters," typing until my fingertips were bloody and blue -- I FINALLY finished my BOOK  Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint, and it's twin release the Bikini Body Mommy Cookbook!

If you're looking to snag a hard copy before their official release on Tuesday, May 14th you can head over to AMAZON to pre-order your copies now!  **For those of you who are e-book, kindle junkies ... hold tight -- I'll be dishing out the skinny on how you can pre-order your discounted digital editions at the end of the week!

In edition to getting my book(s) off to press, I also finished posting all of the workouts behind my FREE 90 DAY BIKINI BODY MOMMY WORKOUT CHALLENGE!  Right now all of the workouts are only on facebook, but on May 1st I'm launching a FREE Bikini Body Mommy COMMUNITY SITE where you will be able to painlessly access/print the challenge workouts, as well as keep track of your workout scores, daily nutrition, swap recipes and connect with other Bikini Body Mommies through interactive forums!

If you're one of my 20,000+ FACEBOOK Bikini Body Mommy followers -- DON'T WORRY, nothing is changing for you!  I'm just adding a way for all of the thousands of non-facebooking mommies to share in the same amazing experience :) Everything is going to intertwine to give you all of the resources and support you need to achieve your best BIKINI MOMMY BODY EVER!

And on that note .. I have to say THANK YOU! I feel so blessed to lead this positive group of women - supporting each other, empowering each other and inspiring one another to live their best life.  It's incredible. Women are meeting all over the globe and creating friendships that are so powerful... it's the real bond of a Bikini Body Mommy.  I love you ladies so much, and I can't wait to share this journey with you!

♥ xx,-B

Stay tuned ... I have a ton of NEW blog posts coming at you this week! Topics include: • Stretchmarks: the good, the bad & the ugly (YES, I bare all and SHOW YOU MINE -- scandalous, i know) • Diastasis recti: what every mother should check for BEFORE doing ANY AB WORK • (2) New Bikini Body Mommy recipes, and... • The skinny on how you can PRE-ORDER the *digital E-book versions* of my NEW BOOK & COOKBOOK for less than the hardcover editions that are currently on AMAZON)