Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Christine...

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In Need of a little MOTIVATION MONDAY? Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Christine!  The above photos are her progress after ONLY 50 DAYS of following my BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE, and if you are anything like me, I'm sure her progress photos will make your jaw hit the floor!

I HER WORDS...Here is a small snipet about her journey thus far...

"Thank you so much for this Bikini Body Mommy Challenge, your Meal Plan, your inspiration & the courage to get out in front of the world & do this for us all!!!

I had to share these photos, because it helps me see how far I've come in just 50 short days!! Even though today is DAY 58 -- just 32 days left!! I haven't weighed in, but I'm not to worried about the scale, I see difference & I'm down 5 sizes in jeans!! I'm so proud of myself, not to mention I'm far from my long life goal but I'm already so much more confident!  Christine"

How's THAT for Inspiration?! ISN'T SHE AMAZING?!

Congrats Christine... Your progress is phenomenal!

xx,-Briana *If you are on Instagram you can follow her BIKINI BODY MOMMY journey @Fitness_Diary2014