Yes, But What About YOU?


BIKINI BODY MOMMIES... How many of you does this quote strike a cord for? As women (especially mothers) I've found we have an insatiable propensity to take on a dizzying array of "projects" -- most in the name of helping to nurture/foster/build/or create a better living, learning, or emotional environment for our families. So often in the process, we put our own needs on the back burners because we view these kid, husband, pet, household "projects" as priorities over anything we should be doing for OURSELVES. Now I'm not saying we should go out and neglect all of our responsibilities and become self-centred narcissists ;p But imagine how much BETTER, STRONGER, HEALTHY, BALANCED, and more CONFIDENT we all would be as mothers, wives, lovers, friends -- AS WOMEN, if we even spent 2% of that energy redirecting back to ourselves everyday. THATS ALL MY Bikini Body Mommy Challenge WORKOUTS ARE LADIES -- 20-30min MAX i.e. 2% of the time WE ARE ALL GIVEN in a 24 hour Day! I challenge you to mull this quote over today... And TAKE ACTION. Even if it's only 20 jumping jacks or chair squats DO SOMETHING FOR YOU Today!

xx, -Briana