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ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME YET ON INSTAGRAM? If not, you are missing all my Bikini Body Mommy Challenge "BEHIND THE SCENES" fun.

Like THIS... "Guess who spent the night... 1/2 naked... in front of men... with big cameras??? (EASY...dirty-birdies... I was wearing a bikini).

YEP, this girl! Who needs a break -- NOT ME! I can't wait for my next #BikiniBodyMommyChallenge 2.0 to start -- You ladies don't even know the pure awesomness I have coming your way! 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS -- Monday May 5th ... We're stepping it up a notch #BikiniBodyMommy! "

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I also post AWESOME "How-To" Recipe Videos Like THIS...

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And Daily Motivational posts Like THIS...

I promise -- if you follow me for nothing else, it should be because my everyday real life is RELATABLE... well that... and I am never short on humour!


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