Why Aren't You Seeing A NEW 2.0 Workout Every day? A GREAT QUESTION...


A GREAT QUESTION just got asked on Instagram. I'm sure she isn't the only one wondering so I'm posting my response below... A: "Mainly because...

#1) I'm not filming these workouts myself. I hired a media/production company to come into my home 2 days/per week to film and produce the project. Given all the other demands of my time (and in all fairness to my family), it's physically impossible to have the camera crew in my home 6 days a week -- ESPECIALLY given how much work actually goes in behind the scenes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.37.46 AM

I realize you guys only see a 15-20 min workout everyday, but the reality is that between the production set-up, filming, and take down, every night that we film a new workout, it is close to a 3 hour endeavour... that's already 6 hours per week -- not including the time it takes to clean my house, move furniture, and physically get ready myself for being in front of the camera.

Then there is the Post-production workload, which already has an full-time editor working OVER 40 hours a week just to cut the footage for the 2 workouts that are presently being filmed each week + piece together the 4 additional videos which are repeated on subsequent days.

Its a HUGE process to get to the final video you guys actually see every day...

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.16.08 PM

#2) The Expense. AGAIN.... I hired a media company to produce this project —upfront and completely out of pocket. As I'm sure MOST of you can imagine... Quality cinematography and editing in post-production -- even just TWO workouts per week -- comes with a hefty price tag....


#3) It Doesn't Make Sense. Since I/we are all repeating the same strength and cardio workout for 6 days in BBMC 2.0, it didn't make much sense (given the afore mentioned points #1 and #2) to film the exact same workout 6 times per week. The content and viewing experience would be pretty much the same (minus hearing me drop a few new swear words ;) ) and any physical change in my body day-to-day would be so minimal it wouldn't justify the effort or expense to do it. *I AM STILL WORKING OUT 6 DAYS PER WEEK. I'm only filming the TWO DAYS you see... and doing the other 4 days on my own.

Hopefully this answers the question for everyone who is wondering! And don't worry, I didn't take offence... It was a valid question... And I know the majority of you all are BEYOND grateful for the effort, energy, and commitment that presently goes into creating and documenting this project for you all!  xx,-Briana