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Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Of TWO ... Marla R!  I love how she proves that even as a mom and student going after her college degree -- with two kids under 4, it is still possible to achieve a pretty remarkable transformation in only 90 days! Without Further ado, here is her story...

Hi Briana,

Here are my results! Your program was perfect for me. I was going to the gym while I was pregnant- all the way up until the week I delivered. I was "blessed" with a very fussy baby which made going back to the gym impossible. I wasnt getting any sleep and trying to finish up my college degree as well. I was excited to be able to commit to your 20 minute workouts in the comfort of my own home! My 3 1/2 year old enjoyed doing some moves with me and watching Finley in your videos! Thank you for helping this sleep-deprived busy momma get back on track! I look forward to your next challenge!