My name is Brenna I live in Florida with my husband and our 3 children. I am a busy executive working mom who travels extensively for work and is always on the go. In the past, I have struggled to find a workout and nutrition plan which would accommodate my hectic schedule and wasn't impossible to follow while traveling and living out of hotel rooms. The results of which left me always eating out and struggling for the motivation to find an exercise solution.

When I came across the BikiniBodyMommy™ program I was immediately struck by what I saw. The workouts were all short (who doesn't have 12 minutes to exercise?!), required very little in terms of equipment, and really seemed like they could be done from anywhere. Same with the Meal Plan, so I immediately jumped on board.

The results I saw in just the initial 30 days of following the program motivated me in ways I had never experienced before, and even helped to uncovered some serious underlying food intolerance's I previously didn't even know I had. After 90 Days of following the meal plan and completing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge, my results were astounding. I lost over 20 inches and at 38 years old, I am now in the best shape of my life!

Sincerely, Brenna Florida, U.S.A