Results from "Skinny Pill" Garcinia Cambogia... Does it WORK?

Skinny Pill

HEADS UP BIKINI BODY MOMMIES.... It seems "Skinny Pill" Garcinia Cambogia has once again STOLEN MY IMAGE and made me the face of their GLOBAL ad campaigns!!!

Does it WORK? I wouldn't know because.... 1.) I DID NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS and 2.) the company is STEALING MY IMAGE so they are clearly a SCAM!

For those who are new to the community and unsure of what I'm talking about, I'm reposting this pic of my 100 pound Transformation because it seems to have gone viral again amongst scam "skinny pill" supplement [Garcinia Cambogia], body wrap, surgical weight-loss sites, and Detox Tea companies that are using it in mass ad campaigns... ILLEGALLY!

Unfortunately the "viral version" is the original un-watermarked one which was created before I had a single fan or follower. I never anticipated my #BikiniBodyMommyChallenge Movement would impact the MILLIONS that it has gotten to today... Nor did I EVER anticipate that there would be so many scandalous companies out there ripping it off and claiming it as their own.


***My legal team IS actively pursuing these companies, however the process is extremely lengthly, EXPENSIVE, and time consuming!!!

PLEASE HELP ME: If you see the un-watermarked version floating around the internet, on YOUTUBE, or on other IG accounts (however big OR small...) Tag the image... "This PIC IS OF @bikinibodymommy"

If it's on a "skinny pill" supplement company, Garcinia Cambogia, HCG, Body Wrap, HERBALIFE, Detox Tea page or surgical weight loss site .... PLEASE KNOW THAT I DID NOT use their products, or have ANY cosmetic or medical surgeries to achieve the transformation you see above... they are using my copyrighted image ILLEGALLY!

If you are a part of this community and see how hard I work EVERYDAY to continuously be a "Transformation Success Story," then you know --THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS.

My transformation above was achieved through nothing short of 11 1/2 Months of Blood, Sweat, Tears... Clean eating... And BUSTING ASS after having MY 3rd Child! You can follow ALL OF THE WORKOUTS behind my transformation FOR FREE here on my website, FB and YOUTUBE... I also have 2 BESTSELLING BOOKS written about "How I Did IT" Step-by-Step... As well as a WEEKLY MEAL PLAN (with Shopping list) so you can eat everything I'm Eating (5x per Day!) for less than $10 per month!