My First "Monday" without the 90 Day Challenge

My 90 DAY CHALLENGE 7.0 ended 48 hours ago, and I'm not going to lie... I woke up this morning feeling a little lost. You know that feeling?  

This morning was the first Monday in 3 Months (14 weeks-to be exact) that I woke up feeling like my day was lacking purpose because it didn’t completely center around my obligation to step-out LIVE in front of the camera to provide a FREE workout for the world to follow. As a wife, and mother of FOUR with SO much else of her plate besides "work" I know that sounds ridiculous, but honestly, truly ... filming these 90 DAY CHALLENGES is a all-consuming whirlwind of a commitment-–not just for me, but for our entire family!  We ALL are usually so thankful when the 90 Day Challenge ends, the madness surrounding filming is over, camera and lighting equipment is put away... and normalcy resumes. That said....

It never ceases to amaze me how when the one "__fill in the blank__" thing you want to change about your life the most, in the particular moment, finally happens... it's not so soon after,  that you find yourself regretting it's gone. Do you know what I mean?  For me I compare the 90 Day Challenges a lot to 'pregnancy.' In the beginning you are so excited to have created another life, that the excitement and planing of possibility consumes you. Then by the last 3-4 weeks, time crawls to a halt, and you find yourself in both the physical and mental space of being beyond over being pregnant and can’t wait for it all to end. Then-- sure enough, as soon as you pop the baby out, you almost INSTANTLY miss being pregnant again! 

That's exactly how I feel about my 90 Day Challenges. Those 90 days of filming the workouts behind the Challenge LIVE and completely FREE for the world to follow, completely consume me. By the final weeks of filming, I find it harder and harder to re-fill my own cup and I find myself counting down the days until it is all over where my daily life isn't dictated by pouring everything that I am into a program that is provided to the world for FREE.

So that was today. Normalcy.

For the first day in 3.5 months, I was able to take my kids to school. Yep, you read that right. Because of filming commitments, I haven't been able to take my own kids to school since before they were off for Christmas break. In case you were wondering ... Three-and-a-half months to a 6-year-old is like a century, so Finnley was beyond confused when I walked him out to the car and he went to kiss me goodbye I told him that I was taking him to school this morning, not Daddy. :)

After I took Finn to school I jetted over to the neighbourhood park to film my new weekly LIVE Real-Time workout for my VIP MEMBERS. I have to say that the #1 greatest thing about the VIP Real-Time Weekly Workout's hands down has to be the variety!

Seriously, it is the number one thing that reinvigorates me every week -- having the creative freedom to design a program that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT and unlike ANYTHING anyone in the world is accustomed to (or familiar with) when they think of ME or BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ and I know that it is also a huge ongoing motivation for the VIP MEMBERS as well!

I can't tell you how many times I read how much they love the fact that they are "always left guessing" about their workouts week-to-week, and never really know what is coming next.

After filming the VIP REAL-TIME Workout I headed home to feed Arwyn lunch and put her down for her nap, and before I knew it it was time to pick up Finn from school! Our daily routine when he gets home? He has a snack, does homework, then is free to do a "learning" activity of his choosing for 30 minutes before he gets any "screen time."

After homework, it was time to start making plans for dinner as well as time to jump on my daily 5pm/PST LIVE broadcast inside of the VIP INNER CIRCLE!

Even though the 90 Day Challenge ended 48 hours ago, most of us in the VIP INNER CIRCLE were still on the 7 DAY SURGE up until this morning, so tonight we had TONS to celebrate!

Oh, and speaking of CELEBRATIONS! Last week was Jason's (@BoardshortDaddy) birthday ... but as I mentioned before... it was also the FINAL WEEK of the Challenge, AND because Jason had also chose to do the 7 DAY SURGE with me, we postponed the traditional Birthday Cake celebrations as a family until for Tonight!  So in addition to the celebratory end of BBMC 7.0/7 DAY SURGE adult beverage ... tonight we also got our BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM CAKE GAME ON!

So that was pretty much my first day OFF of the 90 DAY CHALLENGE in a nut shell! I hope you enjoyed the update, and I also hope that every single one of you who have been with me LIVE everyday for the last 14 WEEKS will decide to take advantage of the FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL I am offering for the first time ever to my VIP MEMBERSHIP.

Words can not begin to express the magnitude of Positivity, Fun, Excitement, and Purpose that I am personally pouring each and everyday into the VIP INNER CIRCLE on a daily basis. I hope to see you there!