Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint

BOOK UPDATE: Amazon "Best Books of 2013 So Far"

Bikini Body Mommy Nutrition Plan and cookbook

WONDERING WHAT TO EAT while following my FREE 90 DAY BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE? The complete NUTRITION PLAN, Workouts, and RECIPES can be found (IN PRINT) within the pages of my book  "The Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint"  and Over 100 Bikini Body Mommy Recipes can be found in my  "Bikini Body Mommy Cookbook"

Bikini Body mommy nutrition plan Best book of 2013
Bikini Body mommy cookbook Best book of 2013

----- BOOK UPDATE -----

Since their release in May, both of my books have hit Amazon's list of the "Best Books of 2013 So Far!" and have repeatedly sold out. I know that it is incredibly frustrating for the thousands of you who are starting my program this week -- that both of my books are showing as "Out of Stock" on Amazon at this time, but if you add your name to the wait list it will help the print house/distributor up the quantities that are being printed so that all of the orders can be fulfilled!

PLEASE NOTE: To get on the wait list you actually have to order the books through Amazon. Amazon will not charge you until the books are shipped! Unfortunately, unless you 'renew' your items after 30 days amazon deletes the order. So for all of you who ordered copies over a month ago and never got a copy, please make sure you are CURRENTLY ON THE WAIT LIST and that your order didn't get cancelled! Thank you for all of your support!! xx, - Briana