Bikini Body Mommy Challenge Review


If transformation 'photos' are great, then VIDEO is going to be even better – Right?!?!  

Well get ready BIKINI BODY MOMMY, because every Monday and Tuesday I will be featuring BBM SUCCESS STORIES to help motivate and inspire you between now and the start of BikiniBodyMommy™ Challenge 3.0.

Today, you get to meet Mina :)

Video Link:

Her Story:

My Name is Minna. I am a 30 year old mother to my 3 year old son Adrianne, and we live in Sweden.  I first found BikiniBodyMommy™ on Instagram about a year ago when I was really depressed, hopeless, and unhappy with my post-baby body... even though my son was 3 years old at the time and I had no excuse for still having the "baby-belly." I really connected with Briana's lifestyle philosophy and approach to losing weight, and I quickly became addicted to her posts.

I fell in love with everything she stood for. She gave me hope. She was a mom dealing with the same REAL-LIFE issues and insecurities I was dealing with, but still managed to transform her own body after gaining much weight and having two more children than ME. The way she put her self out there and publicly made her own transformation happen, inspired me to try.


I started following Briana's challenge exercises and her weekly meal plan and my body responded FAST.  Within 10 Days my "mommy-belly" had diminished to the point that I could actually begin to see the tone of my abs. Within 45 Days I had completely transformed my body and my mindset, and by Day 90 I had a NEW LIFE. I can't encourage enough women who are feeling the same way I was, to give Briana's BikiniBodyMommy workouts and nutrition plan a try– it is like nothing you have ever tried before.... BikiniBodyMommy™ changed my LIFE!