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BBMC 2.0: My Personal DAY 75 Progress Update

Briana Christine Transformation

If the journey to your goal doesn't make you want to quit at some point, it's not hard enough. Just remember quitting and wanting are two different things...

MY PERSONAL DAY 75 Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 PROGRESS UPDATE [*Remember I'm Filming 2 weeks ahead of you guys!]: If you've been following me for any length of time you know that I didn't just wake up in this body... I've busted my proverbial a** off day in and day out for the last 6 months to get to the current place I'm in after my 4th pregnancy ended last fall– and it's been a roller coaster ride. The truth is having this body, this current level of confidence, health, happiness, and BALANCE is A WORK IN PROGRESS and will ALWAYS be a lifelong struggle to maintain!

As most of you have already clued in -- Being a "Bikini Body Mommy" is so much more than a fad fitness program -- it's a mentality and a way of life! So for all those who are beginning to stress about "what comes after" #BikiniBodyMommyChallenge 2.0 ends... DONT. I'm not going anywhere... I've got some amazing things coming your way that I'll be announcing very very soon! [SPOILER ALERT: Can you say 3.0??? ;p ] xoxo, -Briana

⚠️As a side note: You guys have just under 30 Days to go until the end of the current challenge -- that is still PLENTY OF TIME to make significant change before the end of summer but you have to GET REAL ABOUT YOUR NUTRITION! ***Don't forget you still have the opportunity to be eating EVERYTHING I'm EATING 5x per day via my Weekly Meal Plan for less than $10mth!

Have you started your FREE WEEK TRIAL Yet? You'd better hurry....the new plan for next week comes out TODAY!!!

A Personal Progress Update...7 Days Early

Briana Christine Day 22 Progress update BBMC 2.0

Ok BIKINI BODY MOMMIES... My 30 day progress pic isn't technically due for another 7 days, but I'm getting ready to film everyone's "week 4" BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE 2.0 Workout tonight and needed to share a major milestone!

After 3 weeks of feeling stalled with ZERO physical change, I'm FINALLY having a super crazy week in terms of progress! My Weigh-in/re-measurement day isn't for another 7 days, but I just squeezed back into my FAVORITE pair of jeans for the first time since I got pregnant with baby #4 last spring. I'm so excited I had to share!!! I still can't get them closed (and have major "butt-cheek chub/muffin top" in the back) but up until last week, I couldn't even budge them past the middle of my thighs -- with my knees pressed together -- let alone over my hips or ba-donka-donk!

What a difference a week makes.... SO PUMPED!!!

If you are someone who isn't seeing the change YET that you hoped -- STICK WITH IT! There is NO WAY you can train as hard as we are right now in BBMC 2.0 and not have something improve.  With that said: I also seriously hope that each and every one of you is aware of the fact that you have an opportunity to be eating EXACTLY what I'm EATING (5x per day) everyday over the course of this 2.0 challenge by following my Weekly Meal Plan. I can't stress enough how important nutrition is to your RESULTS....

xx, -B


Bikini Body Mommy_20_Rev5

Hi BIKINI BODY MOMMIES! I know that you are as anxious about the release of BIKINI BODY MOMMY 2.0 as I am!  It's going to be all NEW and SO fun... I can NOT wait to get started with you.

I also know that there must be many, many questions looming out there from those of you who are brand new to the challenge, and even questions from all the long time BIKINI BODY MOMMIES!

I want to make sure you are PREPARED and ready to hit the ground running on Monday with the new release, so I'm dedicating this post to answering all the open questions that may be out there.  Have a specific question relating directly to BBM 2.0 that I've missed?  Be sure to comment below!

xx, - Briana

What is BBM?  What is BBM 2.0?

I created BIKINI BODY MOMMY in September of 2012 after successfully transforming my body and losing 100 POUNDS in 11 1/2 months after giving birth to my 3rd child.  It is a 90 day fitness challenge meant to help all the busy MOMMIES out there fit in Daily exercise into their busy, busy schedules.  After having put back on 30 pounds during my 4th pregnancy (which unfortunately ended in a devastating miscarriage) I am launching 2.0 as a BRAND NEW version of the 90 day challenge that will follow my same philosophies but help keep things fresh, fun, and new for everyone who is looking be part of the global Bikini Body Mommy Movement.

When does it start?

BBM 2.0 will start on Monday, May 5, 2014... however you can begin the 2.0 challenge as well as the original whenever you find it and are ready to begin. The videos for both challenges will remain on YOUTUBE, FB, and my Website COMPLETELY FREE for you to follow for all of internet eternity.

How/Do I need to register?

No registration needed! I highly recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel and Blog to be informed when new workouts are posted.   I post all workouts on my Blog and FB at midnight Eastern Standard time.

Do I need to complete the original 90 day challenge to start 2.0?

No!  Completing the original BBM is not required to start BBM 2.0.  In fact, if you haven’t even heard of the original challenge, I recommend starting on May 5 with 2.0.  There is motivation and support, excitement and encouragement, and ACCOUNTABILITY  that will come with starting with the new challenge.

How will 2.0 differ from the original?

The workouts will still be beginner friendly, but will provide FRESH NEW workouts to help you transform you body based off of the same principles outlined in the original challenge and my book, the “Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint.”

Do I need any equipment to complete BBM 2.0?

You’ll need a set of Dumbbells, and possibly and exercise mat if you are working out on a hard surface.

How long will the workouts be?

There will be two types of workouts in this series, (1) Strength training and (2) Cardio.  Each session will not exceed 20 minutes.

Can I complete the challenge if I am brand new to exercise?

ABSOLUTELY! The workouts have modifications to make them easy to follow for even someone who has never formally worked out a day in their life

Can I follow your challenge if I am pregnant?

I can not give medical advice, which is why it is important that regardless of whether you are pregnant or not that you have been cleared to perform exercise from your medical doctor.  If you have a “normal” low-risk pregnancy -- YES these workouts should be safe to follow.  If you are in your second or third trimester Some modifications will need to be made in terms of avoiding the structured ab work/plank exercises in the challenge.... and the biggest piece of advice would be to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If you feel like you are doing too much... less the intensity, do the modifications, or extend your rest periods between exercises to help you recover.

Can I follow your challenge if I am nursing?


Will modifications be noted/provided if I have Diastasis Recti?

Please reference the extensive post that I have written on this subject:

Do you have any nutrition tips that you can provide?

Absolutely!  I have a blog post of my top 5 nutrition tips that you can read here:

I also have a weekly subscription meal plan where you can eat EVERYTHING I’m eating 5x per day ... here:

If BBM 2.0 has HIIT workouts, may I substitute longer cardio in place of them?

Doing activity above and beyond the workouts wouldn’t be a negative thing, however I am personally trying to prove that nothing “above and beyond” the workouts I am posting is “needed” to get unbelievable results.

When should I expect to see changes in my body?

Every person is unique, and depends on the actual adherence to not only following the workouts.. but also the NUTRITION.  No matter how hard you workout, you CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET. If your nutrition are workouts are in-line 90% of the time.... most people notice and immediate change, while others might take a few weeks for their bodies to get with the program.  The most important thing to remember is constancy is KEY

What is the approximate calorie burn for your exercises?

There is no way to accurately answer this question as everyone will burn calories differently based on their individual circumstances such as current weight, height, Body fat %, intensity of exercise, etc.)

Do you have an app?

Unfortunately there is not one available as of yet.... but it IS IN DEVELOPMENT.  It will be launched in the future, and will hopefully make your BIKINI BODY MOMMY experience more fantastic then ever!

When will the success journal be ready?

The success journal will be ready for purchase on May 3, 2014.

Any helpful advice for success? 

One of the best things that you can do for yourself to set yourself up for success is to grab one, two, three, HECK .. A DOZEN .. accountability partners to join you in this journey.  Challenge yourself to check in with one another DAILY .. call, text, email, set up a FB challenge group .. do WHATEVER IT TAKES to push yourself and each other.  Check in with ME daily too!  Let me know how it’s going .. share your LOVES of the program .. share your CHALLENGES!  I want to hear it all!

DAY 90: MY Personal Progress Update...

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 5.50.59 PM


I want to let you all in on a little secret.... Just because I founded Bikini Body Mommy and lead this unbelievable movement, doesn't mean that posting these types of personal progress pics or VIDEOS of myself after 4 pregnancies is any less terrifying than when the rest of you share yours. (Eeeeek! Please pass the wine and bottle of diazepam.)

On a serious note ... I REALLY WENT ALL OUT on DAY 1 and showed things about my body that most women wouldn't accept a million dollars to display.  Yes, you read that right ... A MILLION DOLLARS.

90 DAYS LATER –– sans the 8.5" inches of hanging, flabby, saggy mommy-belly, I'm SO glad I captured the state my body was originally in when I started.  I still have a ways to go, but if my progress footage inspires, helps, or empowers even one other BIKINI BODY MOMMY to realize that your body ISN'T RUINED and it ISN'T a "Lost Cause" after having kids -- Then it was worth it. I can't wait to see YOUR OWN PROGRESS PICTURES and read your stories about how the challenge over the last 90 Days has changed your own bodies... and lives.

I'll go FIRST and let the VIDEO take it from here...


SPOILER ALERT: 90 DAY Progress Update...

Briana Christine 90 day Transfornation


But first....

YES RANDOM: I'm currently in a Victoria`s Secret Dressing room, but you all have been asking for it! Here's a preview of my current 90 Day Progress... I've only lost 15 of the 25-30pounds I set out to lose this round, but if you've been following along you know that I was super sick for 5 weeks of the middle of this project and couldn't workout... I even fell off my weekly meal plan for a portion of that time -- THATS RIGHT, I AM HUMAN... and this is Real life ;p

The FABULOUS NEWS for YOU is: While Yes, I've made progress and *most importantly* I feel so much better in my own skin, I STILL HAVE TONS OF WORK TO DO/FLUFF TO LOSE to get back to my goal FOR SUMMER! Believe me ... Camera angles can hide a lot --IT IS THERE & you'll see better in the video on "DAY 90" of my current challenge.

So what's the fabulous news part?

I'm doing a BRAND NEW 90 DAY Bikini Body Mommy Challenge!!! You heard me right... ALL NEW 15 MIN WORKOUTS -- all NEW 20 Min HIIT ROUTINES -- EVERY WEEK over the course of the 90 Days!



If you aren't already Signed up for my WEEKLY MEAL PLAN  --You'd better take 2 seconds do that NOW! I'll be releasing all 12 Weeks of Meals for the NEW 90 DAY CHALLENGE in a Downloadable PDF BEFORE MAY 5TH -- along with ALL 12 corresponding Shopping lists and RECIPES! The point of the PDF package? So you won't have to worry about logging into your dashboard, saving emails, or losing any of the previous weeks recipes! WOO-HOO!!! And incase you missed it... ALL OF THE NUTRIENT CONTENT INFORMATION IS NOW BEING UPLOADED for Each Recipe! Calories...grams of protein-carb-fat-sugar...sodium, cholesterol, etc... IT'S ALL THERE! Hurry ... Start Your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL and Check it Out TODAY!

*What will you do to fill the gap between the end of this challenge and MAY 5th? Don't you worry about THAT either! I've gotcha covered :) 

SUBSCRIBE to MY YOUTUBE and Stay tuned....


BOOK UPDATE: Amazon "Best Books of 2013 So Far"

Bikini Body Mommy Nutrition Plan and cookbook

WONDERING WHAT TO EAT while following my FREE 90 DAY BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE? The complete NUTRITION PLAN, Workouts, and RECIPES can be found (IN PRINT) within the pages of my book  "The Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint"  and Over 100 Bikini Body Mommy Recipes can be found in my  "Bikini Body Mommy Cookbook"

Bikini Body mommy nutrition plan Best book of 2013
Bikini Body mommy cookbook Best book of 2013

----- BOOK UPDATE -----

Since their release in May, both of my books have hit Amazon's list of the "Best Books of 2013 So Far!" and have repeatedly sold out. I know that it is incredibly frustrating for the thousands of you who are starting my program this week -- that both of my books are showing as "Out of Stock" on Amazon at this time, but if you add your name to the wait list it will help the print house/distributor up the quantities that are being printed so that all of the orders can be fulfilled!

PLEASE NOTE: To get on the wait list you actually have to order the books through Amazon. Amazon will not charge you until the books are shipped! Unfortunately, unless you 'renew' your items after 30 days amazon deletes the order. So for all of you who ordered copies over a month ago and never got a copy, please make sure you are CURRENTLY ON THE WAIT LIST and that your order didn't get cancelled! Thank you for all of your support!! xx, - Briana



The Price of Public Exposure...

Bikini Body Mommy Briana Christine

While I am beyond grateful that my 100 POUND Bikini Body Mommy Transformation has been able to reach and inspire the shear numbers of people it has the last few months... unfortunately, there has been a nasty downside.

I have been receiving dozens of emails over the last couple of weeks from protective and dedicated Bikini Body Mommy followers all notifying me of the fact that there are dozens of gimmick supplement and body wrap companies who are illegally mis-using my transformation photo (pictured above) to peddle their product(s) and services which falsely misrepresent my results as being anything but what is was -- 11 1/2 months of blood, sweat, tears, and BUSTING ASS.

I have written my own book (and an additional cookbook) which outlines every aspect behind how I transformed my body after having 3 kids.

After doing a reverse image search, the illegal use of my images is FAR WORSE than anything I ever imagined! Seeing first hand how viral and wide spread the abuse of my image has become –– is nothing short of nauseating! You can see what I mean here:

I DID NOT USE ANY "FAT BURNING" SUPPLEMENTS, "FAT LOSS TEAS," or BODY WRAPS to achieve the weight loss results you see above. Similarly, I did NOT work with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck as Shape Magazine suggested recently through the illegal misrepresentation and use of my photo in one of their featured articles.

As my friend and business mentor Tim Ferriss sympathetically advised, "It's a price of public exposure, I'm afraid...and there is no super quick solution."

While I have a legal team actively after the offenders ... I NEED YOUR HELP!

PLEASE. If you see my photo being used to represent another

company, person, or product

I need you to:


Bikini Body Mommy Challenge


2.) If the image is being used on FB: Click the "X" in the top right corner of the photo/Ad and "report it" to FB so that they will take it down

3.) NOTIFY ME directly by emailing with the hyperlink

to the page so that I can forward it along to my attorney.

For websites: I will definitely have more to go on.  Please make sure that you email me the link so my attorney can work to have it taken down!

Thank you to all of you amazing do-gooders and supporters who have been protective enough over the integrity of my transformation and what it means to the BIKINI BODY MOMMY COMMUNITY to want to proactively make me aware of this issue.  It means more than you will ever know...

All my love, xx-Briana



Keeping it REAL....

Bikinibodymommy Reality

SO... I may have made the glamorous front page of the HUFFINGTON POST today but here is a glimpse of my current reality... My littlest currently has 101 degree fever and is passed out on my lap. My older two are in the other room bickering over the tv controller. Im on my iPad trying to deal with the dozens of huffpost spawned media inquiries that have been pouring in via email. My MacBook Pro finally decided he was ready to terminate our 4year working relationship without notice, by locking up the desktop thus making it impossible to open ANY of my files (Seriously, of ALL WEEKS?!) and Im also juggling all of the one-on-one #BikiniBodyMommy client sessions that I had scheduled today via phone and Skype...prior to learning last night that #HuffPost & #TimFerriss were running my story. I should be on cloud nine and off celebrating somewhere, but in reality Im feeling like if I survive the day it'll be a MIRACLE! #KeepinItReal

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STRETCH MARKS: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY

Bikini bdy mommy stretchmarks

No, my body isn't PERFECT.  It has given birth to THREE kids.  It has gained and lost over 100 pounds.  Yes, I am covered in scars that reflect this truth.  STRETCH MARKS.  It's a word that negatively effects most womens self-esteem to the core, and I am covered in them.  My stomach, my hips, my thighs... and worst of all my A**!  (I'd show you, but I have to leave some things up to the imagination...) ;p When I asked my Mister for help with taking the photo you see above, he looked at me totally bewildered and the first thing out of his mouth was, "WHY do you want to show them THIS?!?!" –– I knew at that moment that I was doing the right thing.

I don't know a single woman who proudly displays her stretch marks for all to see.  It's no wonder given the fact that mainstream media does everything it can to hide such imperfections in the thousands of images of actresses and models that we are bombarded with everyday.  I think it's really sad that we as women are embarrassed and ashamed of the marks that are left on our bodies from baring our children, or from any weight loss that follows––we've earned them!

Taking the above photo and writing this post was anything but easy, but given the amount of times that I am asked on a daily bases about whether or not I have stretch marks, I thought it was extremely necessary... if not my public duty, to be vulnerable enough with you all to share mine.

While I'm fortunate enough to be able to hide most stretch marks under my underwear/swimsuit line, the thought of simply proclaiming "I have stretch marks" and showing them to the world wasn't enough.  I wanted to cover the subject in greater detail.  So without further ado here is my personal Bikini Body Mommy guide to preventing, repairing, and diminishing STRETCH MARKS.



DRINK AT LEAST 1/2 YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES OF WATER DAILY *Upwards Of ONE GALLON The term "stretch marks" is really a misnomer. They are caused by hormonal changes and not just the skin stretching. Creams and other topical "treatments" can make the skin softer and more elastic, but they will not prevent stretch marks, nor make them go away. HYDRATION is the single biggest preventative measure that can be taken to ward off stretch marks because it directly effects the collagen fibers of your skin.


To be honest, I've had very little success with topical creams and I've tried the gamut.  To be fair, I probably wasn't using them soon enough after I first noticed the stretch marks appearing, which is when most dermatologist say they'd have the greatest chance at being most effective.  That said, I have found a topical skin care combo that has great reviews amongst those who have started early and applied often at the onslaught of their stretch marks first appearance.

• 1/2 cup olive oil

• 1/2 cup aloe vera gel
• 10 vitamin E caplets - prick & drain into mixture

• 5 vitamin A caplets - prick & drain into mixture
*Mix all of the above together and store in the refrigerator. Apply daily.


Last but certainly not least is my FAVORITE "PHOTOSHOP IN A BAG" LOTION called PRTTY PEAUSHUN [pronounced: pretty potion].  This stuff is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE for masking ALL of your skins flaws!  I first learned about the product from a make-up artist who was styling me for the cover of a woman's health mag.  HOOKED after that initial introduction, it quickly became my SECRET GO-TO WEAPON during times when I have to be in a bikini for a photo shoot, or even when I'm just spending the day at the beach with my family and I want to make my skin look flawless.

I wear MEDIUM, but it comes in a spectrum of different colors.  Here is the link to get it for yourself: PRTTYPEAUSHUN

TRUST ME. You won't want to go through this summer without it!

IN CLOSING: I hope that I answered everyone's questions about stretch marks, and if nothing else that you found this blog post inspirational.  If so, I'd love for you to SHARE the photo above with all the women in your life.  I'd also love to hear your feedback in the comments below, or on BIKINI BODY MOMMY Facebook Page.

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Thank you for the ENDLESS support Bikini Body Mommies.  You ladies ROCK MY WORLD!


DIASTASIS RECTI 101: Why some moms shouldn't do crunches!

Diastasis Recti Bikini Body Mommy Ab exercise 1

If you've never heard of Diastasis Recti, you're not alone. Diastasis Recti (no, I'm not speaking french... Pronunciation: dye-uh-STAY-siss REK-tye) is a serious condition that effects 1 in 3 mothers to some degree. That's a pretty staggering number of  mommies -- and sadly, very few of us even know what it is, and MOST IMPORTANTLY -- How to FIX IT!


Diastasis Recti Bikini Body Mommy Ab exercise 2

Diastasis recti also known as ("abdominal separation"), is a condition where the right and left sides of the rectus abdominus (the muscle that makes up the front wall of the abdominals, also known as the “six-pack”) spreads apart at the body’s midline.

Abdominal separation occurs most often in response to the force of the uterus pushing against the abdominal wall during pregnancy, but can also happen when there is an extreme over-abundance of sub-muscular (visceral) abdominal fat. In pregnancy, hormones are also partially to blame, as they can soften connective tissue, allowing the separation to occur more easily. (SOURCE)

The risks of developing diastasis are greater in women who:

  • are expecting more than one baby (or in my case -- just look like they are!)

  • have had abdominal separation with a previous pregnancy

  • are very petite

  • have a pronounced sway back or poor abdominal muscle tone

So what's the BIG DEAL?

Welll .... when the abdominal muscles separate, it weakens your entire core's support system -- resulting in a severe pelvic tilt, lower back pain and that dreaded "mommy tummy " or “pooch.” If you have diastasis, the mommy tummy or pooch that you are so unhappy with, could actually be your protruding organs! They protrude because instead of being supported and pulled in by your muscles (if they were together), they are now only being supported by a thin (saran wrap-like) piece of connective tissue.  SCARY, because if there is trauma to the abdominal area and the connective tissue is torn away from the muscle, your organs will come through and a ventral hernia can develop. In which case, surgery would be required to repair it.

Diastasis Recti Bikini Body Mommy Ab exercise 3

HOW TO Check if you Have Diastasis Recti...

The object is to determine how many fingers will fit in the space between the two recti muscles. You also want to determine the condition of the connective tissue. The deeper your fingers will go towards your spine, the weaker the connective tissue.   Start with your index and middle fingers.

How to check for Diastasis Recti

STEP #1 Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place TWO fingers just above your belly button, pointing down in the direction of your toes.

STEP #2 Relax your abdominal muscles and lift your head. You might have to come up and down a few times so you can feel how the muscles work. You are trying to feel the two ridges of the muscles strait down your midline and feeling for a gap. If you don't feel a gap (separation) with 2 fingers, you may have to put more fingers in. If you see the football- like ridge you should start by using 4 to 5 fingers.


It is NEVER too late to close a diastasis! Closing a diastasis is all about healing the connective tissue. How long it takes depends on the severity of  your diastasis and your commitment to the program.


If you have a moderate (2-3 finger gap) to severe (5 finger gap or MORE) case of diastasis, the absolute WORST THING that you can do is "traditional ab work" like crunches and planks.  Those types of movements actually pull the muscles apart and only make your condition WORSE.

A lot has been written about how to successfully rehab diastasis, but at the forefront of the applied research stands a woman by the name of Julie Tupler.  Julie is an RN, who wrote a book called "Lose Your Mummy Tummy," which has quickly became the "Diastasis Bible" of sorts for both medical and fitness professionals around the world.

In Julie's book, she outlines a 4-Step process that you should take to successfully repair your diastasis, so that you can resume the normal activity and core strengthening work that is seen throughout my BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE

The 4-Step Tupler Technique® is:

  1. Tupler Technique Exercises. Here is a brief excerpt, from Julies Book. Don't be fooled, you might look at this workout and think it’s way too easy. But if you have a diastasis, it’s actually very challenging!

  2. Splinting with the Diastasis Rehab Splint

  3. Using your abdominals correctly with activities of daily living

  4. Learning how to "Get up and down" correctly

To support you in getting the full benefit of Julie's rehab program, she stresses the importance of having the following items:

In Closing ...

If this condition effects you, I would recommend halting all traditional "abdominal exercises" (you can still do MY WORKOUTS, minus the ab work!) and start doing the workouts provided above on this page until your separation heals. Depending on the severity, Julie states that through her Tupler Technique® it could take you anywhere from six weeks to a year to close your diastasis. Obviously if you choose to implement all of the rehab steps in her program  -- odds are your diastasis will only heal that much faster!

Have you ever been checked for diastasis recti?  Have you ever heard of it?  Let me know in the comments below! xx,-Briana

Source and reference guide for this post include: Tupler Technique, Plastic Surgery Reference Journal, and