Keeping it REAL....

Bikinibodymommy Reality

SO... I may have made the glamorous front page of the HUFFINGTON POST today but here is a glimpse of my current reality... My littlest currently has 101 degree fever and is passed out on my lap. My older two are in the other room bickering over the tv controller. Im on my iPad trying to deal with the dozens of huffpost spawned media inquiries that have been pouring in via email. My MacBook Pro finally decided he was ready to terminate our 4year working relationship without notice, by locking up the desktop thus making it impossible to open ANY of my files (Seriously, of ALL WEEKS?!) and Im also juggling all of the one-on-one #BikiniBodyMommy client sessions that I had scheduled today via phone and Skype...prior to learning last night that #HuffPost & #TimFerriss were running my story. I should be on cloud nine and off celebrating somewhere, but in reality Im feeling like if I survive the day it'll be a MIRACLE! #KeepinItReal

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