STRETCH MARKS: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY

Bikini bdy mommy stretchmarks

No, my body isn't PERFECT.  It has given birth to THREE kids.  It has gained and lost over 100 pounds.  Yes, I am covered in scars that reflect this truth.  STRETCH MARKS.  It's a word that negatively effects most womens self-esteem to the core, and I am covered in them.  My stomach, my hips, my thighs... and worst of all my A**!  (I'd show you, but I have to leave some things up to the imagination...) ;p When I asked my Mister for help with taking the photo you see above, he looked at me totally bewildered and the first thing out of his mouth was, "WHY do you want to show them THIS?!?!" –– I knew at that moment that I was doing the right thing.

I don't know a single woman who proudly displays her stretch marks for all to see.  It's no wonder given the fact that mainstream media does everything it can to hide such imperfections in the thousands of images of actresses and models that we are bombarded with everyday.  I think it's really sad that we as women are embarrassed and ashamed of the marks that are left on our bodies from baring our children, or from any weight loss that follows––we've earned them!

Taking the above photo and writing this post was anything but easy, but given the amount of times that I am asked on a daily bases about whether or not I have stretch marks, I thought it was extremely necessary... if not my public duty, to be vulnerable enough with you all to share mine.

While I'm fortunate enough to be able to hide most stretch marks under my underwear/swimsuit line, the thought of simply proclaiming "I have stretch marks" and showing them to the world wasn't enough.  I wanted to cover the subject in greater detail.  So without further ado here is my personal Bikini Body Mommy guide to preventing, repairing, and diminishing STRETCH MARKS.



DRINK AT LEAST 1/2 YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES OF WATER DAILY *Upwards Of ONE GALLON The term "stretch marks" is really a misnomer. They are caused by hormonal changes and not just the skin stretching. Creams and other topical "treatments" can make the skin softer and more elastic, but they will not prevent stretch marks, nor make them go away. HYDRATION is the single biggest preventative measure that can be taken to ward off stretch marks because it directly effects the collagen fibers of your skin.


To be honest, I've had very little success with topical creams and I've tried the gamut.  To be fair, I probably wasn't using them soon enough after I first noticed the stretch marks appearing, which is when most dermatologist say they'd have the greatest chance at being most effective.  That said, I have found a topical skin care combo that has great reviews amongst those who have started early and applied often at the onslaught of their stretch marks first appearance.

• 1/2 cup olive oil

• 1/2 cup aloe vera gel
• 10 vitamin E caplets - prick & drain into mixture

• 5 vitamin A caplets - prick & drain into mixture
*Mix all of the above together and store in the refrigerator. Apply daily.


Last but certainly not least is my FAVORITE "PHOTOSHOP IN A BAG" LOTION called PRTTY PEAUSHUN [pronounced: pretty potion].  This stuff is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE for masking ALL of your skins flaws!  I first learned about the product from a make-up artist who was styling me for the cover of a woman's health mag.  HOOKED after that initial introduction, it quickly became my SECRET GO-TO WEAPON during times when I have to be in a bikini for a photo shoot, or even when I'm just spending the day at the beach with my family and I want to make my skin look flawless.

I wear MEDIUM, but it comes in a spectrum of different colors.  Here is the link to get it for yourself: PRTTYPEAUSHUN

TRUST ME. You won't want to go through this summer without it!

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Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter!

Summer Bodies are Made In The Winter

Do you gain weight in the winter Bikini Body Mommies? It's a good question to ask yourselves right now because if you are anything like me -- the answer is yes!

There are plenty of explanations for this seasonal anomaly... less activity due to colder weather, our layered winter clothing muffles awareness of creeping winter weight gain, less daylight results in loss of energy, cravings of specific comfort foods, and even depression!

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around the thought of building your “Summer Bikini Body” when it’s only February, -20 and SNOWING outside...  But you NEED TO!  There are just over 3 months left between now and the first of June (A.K.A. BIKINI SEASON!)  -- So IT’S TIME to REFOCUS our transformation efforts and turn things back around!

You ready?  We’re going to do it together by tackling THREE KEY AREA'S!  Here’s how:


Briana Christine Bikini Body Mommy

SET GOALS ... Decide WHAT you want, WHEN you want it, and WHY!  It’s been said a million times, but this truly IS the most important step behind anything you set out to achieve in life.  This step is the KEY behind my own transformation and how I ultimately lost 100 POUNDS in under a year. Don’t just “think it” -- WRITE IT DOWN! Not only will you visually be able to see your goal, but you’ll also be able to come back to it in moments when your motivation and inspiration waivers.


I want to lose ____ pounds, so that I can ROCK my absolute healthiest lean and toned BIKINI MOMMY BODY of my life this summer.  Achieving this goal for myself is important to me because  ___________________________________________________________________.



Here are my TOP 5 NUTRITION TIPS from my Best selling book Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint to help you get started.  Implement just ONE of these new nutrition habits for 1 FULL WEEK before implementing the next tip.

#1: Take a Multivitamin & Liquid Fish Oil supplement DOSE: Multivitamin – 1 daily like Genuine Health (multi+)

Fish oil supplement *LIQUID FORM* like  Carlson Labs VERY FINEST Fish Oil – 1 gram per 1% body fat, but NO more than 30grams per day for the first 2 weeks, then cut the dosage in 1/2.

REASON #1: The multivitamin is an insurance policy against nutrient deficiencies — Most clients who come to me are deficient in a ton of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3’s… and if we fix that right out of the gate, we can really hit the ground running!

REASON #2: The fish oil has plenty of data behind it that suggests that it has positive effects on the motivational centers of your brain (when taken in the dose I recommend), as well as increases FAT LOSS, and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

**To make things extra easy and save you the headache of trying to find them… here are links to buy the exact same brand of Multi-Vitamin and Fish Oil Supplement I used this past year to lose 100 POUNDS:

MULTI-VITAMIN: Genuine Health (multi+)


Why start here? It’s EASY — we can build up a positive momentum! And If we can actually make an impact the motivation centers in your brain to increase your motivation, in addition to fixing your nutrient deficiencies, increase your fat loss, and help you to be less sore from your new BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE workout regime … you are going to have a better chance of success!

 #2 Eat Breakfast within 20 minutes of waking up (This means– BEFORE YOUR COFFEE!) Turn your metabolism into a fired up fat-burning furnace FIRST THING! Keep it small and protein rich.

#3 Consume Protein-rich foods with EVERY MEAL Get at least 20 grams in per meal! Great sources include: eggs, greek yogurt, chicken, fish, bison, quinoa, black beans, lentils, and chickpeas.

#4 BEWARE of WHITE This includes rice, pastas, potatoes, cereal, bread,  fried food with breading, and milk.

#5 Drink COPIOUS AMOUNTS of H2O AMOUNT: Consume at least half your body weight in ounces, upwards of 1 gallon every day — NO EXCEPTIONS! 1/2 your Body weight Example: 150lb woman would drink 75 ounces DAILY — a little over 6 traditional 12oz water bottles. 1 Gallon Example: 10 traditional 12oz water bottles DAILY.

Yes, it IS A LOT of water.  YES, you’ll likely be going to the bathroom every 10 minutes until your body adjusts. If you really want to lose the fat and ditch the belly pooch that making you feel so awful about yourself — Deal with it! I cant emphasize enough how important hydration is when it comes to fat loss.


#5 64

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post ... there are just over 90 Days between now and the beginning of summer.  Luckily for you, I have 90 DAYS of workouts for you to follow for FREE.  They are all “winter weather” and mommy “limited time” friendly as they are all done in the comfort of your own home and (excluding cardio days) most of them are under 12 minutes long!


In closing, if you know another woman (family member, work colleague or friend — Mommy or Not!) who wants to lose weight, please share this post or tell them about the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge somehow. Whether they have 100 pounds to lose (as I did!) — or are just wanting to look better in their jeans, if you know someone who can benefit, please pass it on. xx,-B