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Hi BIKINI BODY MOMMIES! I know that you are as anxious about the release of BIKINI BODY MOMMY 2.0 as I am!  It's going to be all NEW and SO fun... I can NOT wait to get started with you.

I also know that there must be many, many questions looming out there from those of you who are brand new to the challenge, and even questions from all the long time BIKINI BODY MOMMIES!

I want to make sure you are PREPARED and ready to hit the ground running on Monday with the new release, so I'm dedicating this post to answering all the open questions that may be out there.  Have a specific question relating directly to BBM 2.0 that I've missed?  Be sure to comment below!

xx, - Briana

What is BBM?  What is BBM 2.0?

I created BIKINI BODY MOMMY in September of 2012 after successfully transforming my body and losing 100 POUNDS in 11 1/2 months after giving birth to my 3rd child.  It is a 90 day fitness challenge meant to help all the busy MOMMIES out there fit in Daily exercise into their busy, busy schedules.  After having put back on 30 pounds during my 4th pregnancy (which unfortunately ended in a devastating miscarriage) I am launching 2.0 as a BRAND NEW version of the 90 day challenge that will follow my same philosophies but help keep things fresh, fun, and new for everyone who is looking be part of the global Bikini Body Mommy Movement.

When does it start?

BBM 2.0 will start on Monday, May 5, 2014... however you can begin the 2.0 challenge as well as the original whenever you find it and are ready to begin. The videos for both challenges will remain on YOUTUBE, FB, and my Website COMPLETELY FREE for you to follow for all of internet eternity.

How/Do I need to register?

No registration needed! I highly recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel and Blog to be informed when new workouts are posted.   I post all workouts on my Blog and FB at midnight Eastern Standard time.

Do I need to complete the original 90 day challenge to start 2.0?

No!  Completing the original BBM is not required to start BBM 2.0.  In fact, if you haven’t even heard of the original challenge, I recommend starting on May 5 with 2.0.  There is motivation and support, excitement and encouragement, and ACCOUNTABILITY  that will come with starting with the new challenge.

How will 2.0 differ from the original?

The workouts will still be beginner friendly, but will provide FRESH NEW workouts to help you transform you body based off of the same principles outlined in the original challenge and my book, the “Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint.”

Do I need any equipment to complete BBM 2.0?

You’ll need a set of Dumbbells, and possibly and exercise mat if you are working out on a hard surface.

How long will the workouts be?

There will be two types of workouts in this series, (1) Strength training and (2) Cardio.  Each session will not exceed 20 minutes.

Can I complete the challenge if I am brand new to exercise?

ABSOLUTELY! The workouts have modifications to make them easy to follow for even someone who has never formally worked out a day in their life

Can I follow your challenge if I am pregnant?

I can not give medical advice, which is why it is important that regardless of whether you are pregnant or not that you have been cleared to perform exercise from your medical doctor.  If you have a “normal” low-risk pregnancy -- YES these workouts should be safe to follow.  If you are in your second or third trimester Some modifications will need to be made in terms of avoiding the structured ab work/plank exercises in the challenge.... and the biggest piece of advice would be to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If you feel like you are doing too much... less the intensity, do the modifications, or extend your rest periods between exercises to help you recover.

Can I follow your challenge if I am nursing?


Will modifications be noted/provided if I have Diastasis Recti?

Please reference the extensive post that I have written on this subject:

Do you have any nutrition tips that you can provide?

Absolutely!  I have a blog post of my top 5 nutrition tips that you can read here:

I also have a weekly subscription meal plan where you can eat EVERYTHING I’m eating 5x per day ... here:

If BBM 2.0 has HIIT workouts, may I substitute longer cardio in place of them?

Doing activity above and beyond the workouts wouldn’t be a negative thing, however I am personally trying to prove that nothing “above and beyond” the workouts I am posting is “needed” to get unbelievable results.

When should I expect to see changes in my body?

Every person is unique, and depends on the actual adherence to not only following the workouts.. but also the NUTRITION.  No matter how hard you workout, you CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET. If your nutrition are workouts are in-line 90% of the time.... most people notice and immediate change, while others might take a few weeks for their bodies to get with the program.  The most important thing to remember is constancy is KEY

What is the approximate calorie burn for your exercises?

There is no way to accurately answer this question as everyone will burn calories differently based on their individual circumstances such as current weight, height, Body fat %, intensity of exercise, etc.)

Do you have an app?

Unfortunately there is not one available as of yet.... but it IS IN DEVELOPMENT.  It will be launched in the future, and will hopefully make your BIKINI BODY MOMMY experience more fantastic then ever!

When will the success journal be ready?

The success journal will be ready for purchase on May 3, 2014.

Any helpful advice for success? 

One of the best things that you can do for yourself to set yourself up for success is to grab one, two, three, HECK .. A DOZEN .. accountability partners to join you in this journey.  Challenge yourself to check in with one another DAILY .. call, text, email, set up a FB challenge group .. do WHATEVER IT TAKES to push yourself and each other.  Check in with ME daily too!  Let me know how it’s going .. share your LOVES of the program .. share your CHALLENGES!  I want to hear it all!

Where the Heck Have I Been?!

Briana Christine Juggling Act Being a Mom

If you're a mom, you know life can feel like one big juggling act!  My life is NO EXCEPTION.

My latest blogging hiatus has been excruciating ... After several failed attempts, I decided that rather than trying to recount the last 6 weeks of massive achievements in one "Sorry, for abandoning YOU!" blog post, that I'd just give you the bottom line: After 12 months of pouring blood • sweat • and tears into achieving my 100 POUND BODY TRANSFORMATION and 18 total months of a countless number of 10pm–4am "all-nighters," typing until my fingertips were bloody and blue -- I FINALLY finished my BOOK  Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint, and it's twin release the Bikini Body Mommy Cookbook!

If you're looking to snag a hard copy before their official release on Tuesday, May 14th you can head over to AMAZON to pre-order your copies now!  **For those of you who are e-book, kindle junkies ... hold tight -- I'll be dishing out the skinny on how you can pre-order your discounted digital editions at the end of the week!

In edition to getting my book(s) off to press, I also finished posting all of the workouts behind my FREE 90 DAY BIKINI BODY MOMMY WORKOUT CHALLENGE!  Right now all of the workouts are only on facebook, but on May 1st I'm launching a FREE Bikini Body Mommy COMMUNITY SITE where you will be able to painlessly access/print the challenge workouts, as well as keep track of your workout scores, daily nutrition, swap recipes and connect with other Bikini Body Mommies through interactive forums!

If you're one of my 20,000+ FACEBOOK Bikini Body Mommy followers -- DON'T WORRY, nothing is changing for you!  I'm just adding a way for all of the thousands of non-facebooking mommies to share in the same amazing experience :) Everything is going to intertwine to give you all of the resources and support you need to achieve your best BIKINI MOMMY BODY EVER!

And on that note .. I have to say THANK YOU! I feel so blessed to lead this positive group of women - supporting each other, empowering each other and inspiring one another to live their best life.  It's incredible. Women are meeting all over the globe and creating friendships that are so powerful... it's the real bond of a Bikini Body Mommy.  I love you ladies so much, and I can't wait to share this journey with you!

♥ xx,-B

Stay tuned ... I have a ton of NEW blog posts coming at you this week! Topics include: • Stretchmarks: the good, the bad & the ugly (YES, I bare all and SHOW YOU MINE -- scandalous, i know) • Diastasis recti: what every mother should check for BEFORE doing ANY AB WORK • (2) New Bikini Body Mommy recipes, and... • The skinny on how you can PRE-ORDER the *digital E-book versions* of my NEW BOOK & COOKBOOK for less than the hardcover editions that are currently on AMAZON)