Meet the founder of BIKINI BODY MOMMY™

Briana Christine is a southern-California mom of F-O-U-R, former 100 lb. transformation success story, certified personal trainer, and body-positivity guru who's personal weight-loss struggles and expertise in fitness and nutrition, led her to found the relatable home-based, fitness-lifestyle movement for moms called BIKINI BODY MOMMY™.

Briana's down-to-earth and real approach to the madness of working out, and transforming your body after having children, is why millions of moms around the world chose to follow her daily workout videos and relatable at-home lifestyle advice on social media every-single-day.

Having personally been every weight, shape, and size imaginable after becoming a mom herself, Briana delivers an empowering personal message to her millions of devoted followers that every-BODY has a "Bikini Body" regardless of their current weight, shape, or size. Through a healthy approach to the transformation process, which Briana believes begins from the inside-out, she inspires millions of women around the world who are committed to improving their bodies and lives everyday. READ MORE...




BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ is a fitness-lifestyle brand and body-positive home-based workout movement with a global community of millions of followers worldwide. Bikini Body Mommy provides FREE 90 DAY HOME-BASED WORKOUT CHALLENGES, Over 400+ Premium On-demand Streaming Video Workout Series, Weekly Meal Plans, and relatable at-home lifestyle advice for moms.