Why you should stop dieting to lose weight!

Jun 07, 2023
Listen, 10 months ago I was exercising 6 days per week, dieting (avoiding entire food groups), and living in a calorie deficit.
Despite all of my efforts to “be healthy” by losing weight, I watched my health tailspin and the scale climb to my highest (non-pregnant) weight!
I wasn’t thriving, I was surviving.
Despite outwardly living a healthy lifestyle, inside my body was failing.
I was pre-diabetic, suffering thyroid and adrenal fatigue and had all of the inflammation markers and symptoms of PCOS.
I was overweight as a bi-product of those internal failures... which were only being exasperated by the stress of my “health choices” to be on a restrictive diet, and workout everyday (attempting to lose weight)!
So what did I do instead? I listened to my body and went against every health & fitness “truth” I’ve ever learned as a personal trainer over the last 16 years.
I stopped dieting.
I stopped restricting calories (and counting them all together).
I stopped fearing food and reintroduced fruit and starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, and sourdough bread.
I made mindful (yet still delicious) food choices, which also included mindful choices to not eliminate ANYTHING 100% from what I eat.
YES! This even included highly-processed “non-healthy” food like cereal, ice cream, pizza, fast food, etc. I haven't eliminated ANYTHING 100%!
I haven't dieted, restricted calories, or exercised a single day in the last 10 months and I’m down 40 pounds!
HOW IN THE WORLD DID I DO IT? I focused on health (not weight loss) and as a bi-product of the multi-faceted process of healing my body from the inside out my body has released 40 pounds.
You can learn more about my health journey HERE.
Along the way, I have made it my mission to help women get healthy and lose weight in a way they never thought was possible by encouraging them to:
Stop trying to lose weight to get healthy.
Stop cutting out the foods you love.
Stop extreme fad diets.
Stop letting the scale dictate your health choices and self-worth.
I'm here to show you that you CAN lose weight while eating the foods you love.
If you are ready to stop wishing and start eating mindfully, I can help!
I’ve documented every single step of my health journey inside my “Work In Progress” series for you to implement the same changes in your own life!