What I Eat In A Day (to lose 40 pounds)!

Jun 14, 2023
I've been working really hard to restore my health from the inside out (without dieting or exercise), which has triggered a lot of requests from the BBM Community for examples of what I eat in a day!
I've been providing 30-40 page recipe packs every single month of my health journey inside my "Work In Progress" series (you can learn more about that HERE), but for those who haven't seen them or who are new to the community, here are some examples of "What I Eat In A Day!"
Before I share them with you, I just want you to know that I HATE cooking.
I grew up on fast food, TV dinners, and boxed/canned meals like Chef Boyardee Ravioli and Mac n' cheese! I didn't even learn how to cook pancakes until I was an adult.
When I became a mom I wanted to make sure I was doing my absolute best to raise my kids with health(er) relationship with food than I had growing up.
In the process, I found myself on a mission to remove the stigma surrounding how making healthy meals is complicated, time consuming, and rarely family-friendly/kid-approved.
The truth is, as a super busy mom of six, most the time I don't have time to for complicated recipes... and I certainly don't have time to make different meals for myself than what my family eats!
I don't track calories, or macros.... but I've calculated and included the nutritional data for every meal shown using the "LOSEIT APP" for those who might have different nutritional goals than me.
I've lost 40 pounds (so far) by focusing on ONE nutrition goal! The nutrition goal is to make sure that I am eating enough protein every day.
I aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass (note: your lean mass is different than your "scale weight"). I currently have 110 pounds of lean mass, which means my personal goal is to eat 110 grams of protein per day. Divide that 110 grams of protein per day by 4-5 meals, and I'm aiming for anywhere between 24-30 grams of protein per meal.
All of the meals shown in the video required minimal effort and less than 5 minutes to make, with the exception of dinner which took 20 minutes!
Out of all the meals shown, the thing that required the most effort was mashing the potatoes for dinner! 
I hope that sharing this video has inspired you, and if you want more easy recipe ideas... You get hundreds of recipes, meal plans, and real life food-inspo as a member of the BBM App! 
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