Meet the founder of BIKINI BODY MOMMY™

Briana Christine is a southern-California mom of SIX, former 100 lb. transformation success story, certified personal trainer, and body-positivity guru who's personal weight-loss struggles and expertise in fitness and nutrition, led her to found the relatable home-based, fitness-lifestyle movement for moms called BIKINI BODY MOMMY™.

Briana's down-to-earth and real approach to the madness of working out, and transforming your body after having children, is why millions of moms around the world chose to follow her daily workout videos and relatable at-home lifestyle advice on social media every-single-day.

Having personally been every weight, shape, and size imaginable after becoming a mom herself, Briana delivers an empowering personal message to her millions of devoted followers that every-BODY has a "Bikini Body" regardless of their current weight, shape, or size. Through a healthy approach to the transformation process, which Briana believes begins from the inside-out, she inspires millions of women around the world who are committed to improving their bodies and lives everyday.

Briana's Story...

Briana Christine initially catapulted into the health and fitness industry in early 2007 as a mom of two, after making an decision to hire a personal trainer to help her transform her body–– ultimately led to her losing 73-pounds in less than six months.

Briana Christine, BikiniBodyMommy

The profound impact that weight-loss experience had on her life, led Briana to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer where less than six months after becoming certified, she founded her first multi-faceted health & fitness company in one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in the United States.

Motivating and inspiring hundreds of local clients toward a healthier lifestyle, Briana showed up for her clients everyday with a mission to connect, inspire, and transform others face-to-face through the integration of the same fitness, nutrition and behavioral changes she had adapted throughout her own transformation journey.



BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ Founder Briana Christine on Dr. Oz Show Jan. 2011

Despite being a Certified Personal Trainer and “weight-loss success story,” all of her previous transformation efforts and signature “Bikini Body Mommy” physique completely fell to the wayside after giving birth to her third child in September 2011.

As a newly divorced single-mom of three and weighing the heaviest of her life (100 POUNDS heavier!), Briana made it her mission to lose the post-partum pounds, re-transform her body, and re-build her life––in record time!


Documenting the entire process behind her second transformation IN REAL TIME ... Briana ultimately lost 100 POUNDS in under a year, and founded BIKINI BODY MOMMY™as a way to not only share her personal journey and struggles with overcoming her own body-issues, but also as a way to help educate, motivate, and inspire other mothers around the world to transform their OWN bodies & lives along the way!

With a successful growing global community of over 200,000 followers in under a year, Briana had succeeded in completely re-building her life as a single-mom, and she met the love of her life, Jason (@BoardshortDaddy), shortly after.

In early 2014, with zero previous on-camera experience, Briana took a leap of faith (encouraged by the help and connections that came through Jason's 13-years of experience as a Senior Editor in the film industry) and she hired a production crew to come into her home to begin filming the 90-DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGES made famous by her 100-Pound Weight-loss transformation.

Posted on YouTUBE for anyone to follow, the BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ 90 DAY CHALLENGE quickly went viral.

With all of the 90 Day Challenge content actually being filmed daily, in real-time––Briana's high-intensity, home-based workouts and relatable mom-bod physique, quickly stood-out from every other "zero-percent body fat" fitness personality, as well as polished and "pre-filmed" workout program that was available for women to follow. 

Given the instant relatability of the home-based workout program and the authentic and uplifting message behind Briana's daily advice, people immediately began to take a keen interest in wanting to know more about about the inspirational mom they felt so connected to on screen. 


Armed with a personal platform and a social media following in the millions,  Briana and Jason's relationship, parenting-style, and work-life dynamic quickly became a huge source of public interest, and proposals for a reality series documenting the behind the scenes rise of BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ and the daily grind of Briana's family-life began pouring in.

In early 2015, Jason (@BoardshortDaddy) made their storybook union official when he asked Briana to marry him while the cameras rolled. 

A year later, in February 2016, the BIKINI BODY MOMMY™ community exploded with excitement when the couple welcomed their daughter Arwyn (Briana's fourth child) into the world.

Briana's (PG) home birth video has been viewed on YouTube over 4.5 MILLION TIMES to date.


Three more children later and once again faced with close to eighty-postpartum pounds to lose following the birth of her sixth child, in typical fashion, Briana has utilized her platform to document the relatable post-partum body image, self-esteem, and weight-loss struggles that so many other mothers struggle with on their own after bringing new life into the world.

You can follow her current journey to restoring her health in a series called "A Work In Progress."

Briana currently lives in Southern California with her husband Jason, and six children Tristen, Parker, Finnley, Arwyn, Everly & Ryleigh.